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Study — Infragraph


i recently stumbled across this photo by an artist named wolterke and it had me super curious about the process/gear/sorcery that went into making an image like this.

i did some digging and found some really fascinating stuff that you can check out if you're interested, but after the reading the photoshop exploration began. 

if you follow me on instagram (we're all actually on vero now, right??) you've probably seen a few of these images i'm calling 'infragraphs' floating around the last few days.

below i present MORE images, some before & afters, & instructions on how you too can turn your images into #infragraphs. Now these aren't true infrared photographs, of course, that requires some special gear/camera sensor conversions, but this is a way to emulate it and see your scenes through a new lens (sorry, had to!).



what you'll need to get started:

  • current(ish) version of photoshop
  • an image that preferably has a good bit of greenery (download one of mine that i linked below if you need one)
  • the Infragraph photoshop action (also below)
  • an OPEN mind

click the 'assets' button below to find the photoshop action & a sample image you can use to get started. Have fun with it, and pass it around if you think someone else would enjoy it! 


if you enjoyed what you learned here feel free to give back & support your local creative explorer 👨🏽‍🚀

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