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Coffee in Mexico City

Flower carts, vibrant colors, Oaxacan everything, & beautiful coffees.



We started off on a high note with Chiquitito Cafe — a pair of honey-processed coffees roasted in Oaxaca.


Almanegra Cafe

The narrow shop layout led us to the back of the cafe where super friendly baristas were passing the aux cord around and eager to field my coffee questions. We had another Oaxacan (there truly is a theme here) coffee brewed two different ways: Eva Solo (immersion) and Chemex. Both were lovely, but the Eva was a standout with a much sweeter cup. Definitely a place you could get some work done if you were needing to as well.



We only had a few days to try out cafes & food on this trip, but I've made this map on good authority from some of the baristas in MEX + Sprudge & a few other friends. Enjoy!