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Coffee in Amsterdam

The smell of tulips & crisp air disrupted by frites & herring stands (this bike driven city's only hint of pollution) line the streets to some incredible cafes 


Scandinavian Embassy

Quiet, quaint & set itself as one of my favorite cafes in the world. Unassuming but refined in appearance, serving truly the best of the best in Scandinavian coffee. The poached eggs & smoked salmon are a staple of Dutch breakfasts, and few in Amsterdam do it better than this crew. Also the staff (2017 Dutch Brewers Cup Champion Daniella pictured above) were so friendly and willing to talk as much coffee as you could handle.


Lot Sixty One Roasters

A super cozy stop in Oud-West. They roast in—house and do a great job. While the filter coffee didn't change the game for me, Sam had a Flat White that was one of the better espresso drinks we had on the whole trip. Very close to Foodhallen as well, if you're in need of a bite!


Cafe Badeta

A little treat that came out of nowhere. The owners/staff were friendly & had a great roast/retail setup not far up the street from Scandinavian Embassy, making De Pijp that much cooler. 



While I only highlighted 3 cafes in this post, I tried MUCH more than that during our week in Amsterdam. Here you can find all 9 cafes I would recommend if you have a bit of time in the city.