— equal parts bio, resumé, and myspace top 5 —

i was born in small-town oklahoma.

as a child my mother was a ticket-agent for american airlines, so naturally we traveled some. i loved it. every single aspect of traveling was exhilarating to me.

i found a guitar at the age of 6, and a trumpet at the age of 10, and both have taken me to places i never could have dreamed i would go.

now i insert a shameless self-plug for a band i'm in with my best friend, RVRB.

throughout the entirety of my childhood i was enamored by taste-makers and culture-shapers. the people that had 'it' and effortlessly influenced those around them (regardless of size). i was determined to be one. and although it never came completely naturally to me, i definitely did the best that i could consuming as much art, beauty, relationships, and wisdom as i could - just like we all do, don't we? it's what makes us who we currently are, which is hopefully not who we'll be in 5 years... because... progressive!

i have had a truly wonderful string of mentors in my life, perpetually building my taste, my skills, my faith, my leadership abilities, etc. (click here if you want to see a collection of people i love)

finally acquiescing to my childhood dream of travel and adventure, i spent a good bit of 2015 living in quito, ecuador with a few of my best friends. we climbed mountains and slept at 16,000ft above sea level, kayaked across teal-colored volcanic craters, made friends with ecuadorian air force pilots, mentored boys in a juvenile prison, helped our good friends with their church-plant. it was honestly the best several months of my life, and i think about it almost daily. i grew so much in my journey as a man, in my skills as a designer, musician, and as a lover of people, it was truly a transcendent experience.

after returning back to the states in december 2015 a crew of friends and myself set our sights on europe. we spent 3 glorious weeks backpacking through oslo, rome, florence, assisi, london, and last but not least a 1,000km trek across iceland.

travel teaches you things that you absolutely just can not learn at home in your little home-box surrounded by your home-people. there's just too much world to see!

in april of 2016 i had the opportunity to travel to thessaloniki, greece to help film for a truly amazing organization called the abba house. we spent nearly a month in-country and were able to visit the eko and idomeni syrian refugee camps, as well as spend 'greek-easter' with the beautiful Stamati family.

during the spring/summer of 2016 i also had the chance of working side by side with one the artists that i respect most in the world, darshan phillips.  convinced i learned more in 1 year of working with him than i could have in 4 at university.

currently (november 2016) i'm residing in dallas, texas giving everything i've got as an artist and as a musician (remember? RVRB?). surrounded yet again by some of the greatest people in the world, and still very (possibly naively) hopeful for what the future holds.